June 11, 2024


Back in 2017 a little neighbourhood milkbar in Richmond’s backstreets threw up a Hector’s Deli sign and started slinging epic, beautiful, mouth-watering sandwiches that quickly gained cult status around the city. Honestly, people travel far and wide to taste the art these legends create between two pieces of bread.
To celebrate the joy that Hector’s Deli has brought back to lunchtime we collaborated with the sando kings to create Lunchtime Lager - a deliciously light and refreshing mid-strength lager. It’s the beer you drink at lunch, when you’re expected back at work. Every Friday in June between 12-3pm you can pick up a $2 tinnie of Lunch Time Lager from Hector's Deli Fitzroy, Stomping Ground Collingwood, Stomping Ground MoorabbinBlackhearts & Sparrowsor grab a 6-pack online here.