Are you sick of lactose in your IPAs? Do you want pine and resin hop character not orange juice*?

As part of our irreverent election campaign we’re pledging to free dank and bring back the bitterness in IPAs but releasing our highest rated beer in very limited edition cans and encouraging people to Vote 1 Robert.

Robert is our big, bold and legendary Double IPA. Rich with an assertive fresh American hop character of citrus and resinous pine, at 9% ABV, beware the embrace.

VOTE 1 Robert Double IPA!

Available from May 1 for a very limited time.

* We reserve the right to change our mind in the future and brew these beer styles!


  1. Carwyn Cellars

  2. Boilermaker House

  3. Fitzroy Cellars Fitzroy

  4. Fitzroy Cellars Sandringham

  5. McCoppins Abbotsford

  6. McCoppins Fitzroy

  7. Heartbreaker

  8. Penny Young

  9. The Vin

  10. Union Wine Store

  11. Lonsdale Cellars

  12. Cellarbrations Altona

  13. Drums Hotel

  14. Malt and Vine

  15. Romsey Hotel

  16. Cellarbrations Braybrook

  17. Wine Window

  18. Castlemaine Wine Store

  19. Mr. West

  20. Small Patch

  21. Blackhearts & Sparrows

  22. A Point of Difference

  23. Miss Moses

  24. Audacious Monk

  25. Beer Mash

  26. Paradise Alley

  27. Bottle House Balaclava

  28. Bottle House South Yarra

  29. Grape and Grain

  30. Otter’s Promise

  31. Acland St Cellars

  32. Decanters By the Bay

  33. Freddie Wimpoles

  34. Beer Deluxe Fed Square