To celebrate brewing our hundredth different beer since opening less than two years ago, we invited a beer-loving centenarian, Celie Curtis, to see the brewing process and get involved as the beer - ‘Celie’ Centenarian Ale - was brewed in her honour. She came in with her family and got her hands into the brewing ingredients during her brewery tour, all the while regaling the Stomping Ground team with stories from bygone Melbourne days of her time working as a machinist at a nearby factory.

Celie’s visit seemed fitting as a hundred years ago Collingwood was once the epicentre of brewing in Australia, and we have been proudly bringing this great tradition back to the local area. To celebrate our hundredth beer we wanted to do something special.

Enter Andy Butt, who donated the journal of his maternal great grandfather, the head brewer at a large local brewery 100 years ago. The journal contained notes and recipes, and inspired the recipe for this special celebration brew.

We have tried to recreate the recipe just as they would have done 100 years ago, and it was lots of fun to share the experience with Celie, who is a real character! She is still really independent and loves going to bingo every week!

As part of the celebrations we are now offering any centenarians free beer - and a guaranteed seat at the bar - for life when they visit the Beer Hall, while all seniors can now get one free pot of beer with any main meal.