We have become one of the very few breweries in Australia to be powered by the sun, joining a small but growing number of independent breweries installing solar panels.

Beon Energy Solutions installed the 96.39 kW system, which features 357 solar panels and will generate about 130,000kWh a year - enough energy to power 20 homes. The system was turned on in late February.


Stomping Ground's Guy Greenstone said installing solar was a significant step towards achieving the company’s sustainability goals.  “We already use a rainwater irrigation system, recycle our spent grain, use biodegradable eco straws and have our wine delivered direct into barrels so installing a solar system is another big step towards becoming as sustainable and environmentally-friendly as possible,” Guy said. “It also helps that this will reduce our energy costs as running a brewery is a very energy intensive operation. 

“We’re extremely passionate about the products we produce and know that many of our customers share our commitment to environmental sustainability. 
“Beon Energy Solutions also shares the same of kind of passion for their business and customers which is why we chose them to install the panels.” 

Glen Thomson General Manager, Beon Energy Solutions said it was exciting to work on the project which will make a real difference to how the business operates. “We’re delighted to be partnering with a grass-roots business that is so passionate about achieving their goal to become more sustainable,” Glen said. “At Beon Energy Solutions, we work with businesses to find ways to reduce their energy usage based on their specific needs and budget.”

To help with our decision, we sought assistance from the Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF), an independent organisation that works with households, businesses, community groups and governments to guide them through the transition to solar energy.