To drive greater awareness and engagement in Movember’s international efforts to tackle men’s health issues, particular among women and men unable - or unwilling - to grow a mo, we partnered with Movember in November 2017. With supporting venues across Australia selling our gold medal-winning ‘Gipps St.’ Pale Ale throughout the month, we were able to proudly donate $75,000 to help them in their efforts.

This year we’ve again commited to donate $75,000 to Movember - but we can’t do it without your support. From selling ‘Gipps St.’ Pale Ale on tap and/or in our new limited edition Movember cans, to sharing the campaign and photos of our fun collateral on social media, you can do your bit to raise awareness for our initiative. Here are some of the ways you can help - and all the other information you need:

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While we encourage you to share your own fun photos on social media, we’ve put together a starting kit of digital assets to help you to spread the word! It is important you take a look through (especially the wording for social media posts) as there are requirements from Movember on how to promote the campaign.

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A promo pack has been sent to you with coasters, tap talkers, posters, table talkers, mirror decals and badges. Please take photos and share them on social media (tagging @stompinggroundbrwingco and / or #beermo). If you have not received a pack by Fri 2 Nov contact your rep - or hit us up via the link below.

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Two members from each of the 15 best performing venues (both large and small) will join us for a rooftop party at Movember HQ and then a ‘Best of Melbourne’ party aboard a luxury chartered boat on the Yarra River, catered by Stomping Ground and friends.

Flights and accommodation will be included for interstate teams. Winners will be determined using a range of criteria (ie. in-venue displays, social media, getting staff and customers involved in raising money for Movember, and general creativity) and overall sales (with consideration given to venue size).

The winners will be chosen by the Movember team and the party will be held over the summer.


  • Tag all social posts with @stompinggroundbrewingco and #BEERMO

  • Take a photo with our coasters and post on social media

  • Grow a mo and post your progress on social media

  • Encourage staff and customers to take photos as they ‘Grab a Gipps St.’

  • Wear the badges with pride!

  • Put the mirror decals up in the bathrooms

  • Put posters and tap talkers around your venue

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The best way to get involved raising your own money for Movember is to sign your crew up via the Movember website:

  • Go to

  • Join the Stomping Ground challenge at the link below (or search the challenge name on the website):  
    Stomping Ground Challenge

  • Choose how you are going to support the cause this year by:

    Growing a Mo

    - Moving 60kms during the month for men’s health

    Hosting an event for Movember. It can be as easy as throwing a few snags on the barbie

    - Rally the rest of the team at your venue behind you to help change the face of men’s health by supporting you and donating to your Mo Space

To help you Mo like a legend, once you’re all registered make sure you check out the Downloads section which contains toolkits, posters, logos and all sorts of other goodies to make this Movember a breeze.