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Men's health issues affect both men and the women in their lives, so Stomping Ground have joined forces with Movember for the BeerMo promotion to encourage all men and women - mo or no mo - to show their support this November... by simply raising a glass of beer and having a bit of fun.

Not everyone can grow a moustache, so the campaign is aimed at everyone who has FOMO for having no Mo!

With the help of Kegstar, Liquex, Bintani, Ooh Media and the leading bars and pubs around Australia (that's you!) who will pouring Stomping Ground’s gold medal winning ‘Gipps St.’ Pale Ale during November, Stomping Ground's BeerMo campaign has committed to raise $75,000 so Movember can better help men live healthier, happier, longer lives.

Every time your customers enjoy a Stomping Ground ‘Gipps St’ Pale Ale during Movember, they will be helping us raise funds,  awareness about men’s health and hopefully encourage a few important conversations. 

The Stomping Ground BeerMo campaign will be supported by a diverse marketing campaign to drive awareness and encourage people to support those bars pouring Stomping Ground 'Gipps St' Pale Ale.  Beer fans and customers can also get involved by taking a photo of themselves with a BeerMo novelty coaster on their face(s) and share it on social media with the hashtag #beermo. In early December, we will announce the winner who will receive 'Gipps St' Pale Ale kegs for a party at their place.



We really encourage you to promote your support to customers in your venue and via your social media channels but due to community sensitivities relating to some men's health issues and alcohol, we and Movember ask that you phrase it carefully like this:

"By pouring Stomping Ground ‘Gipps St.’ Pale Ale we are supporting Movember and helping raise $75,000 to tackle men’s health issues."


"We are supporting Stomping Ground's BeerMo campaign by raising $XX for Movember."

Feel free to mention the total amount you've raised (calculate the number of kegs x $75 e.g. you bought 10 kegs so you've raised $750) but the important bit is not to publicly promote this calculation. While it's ostensibly true, we do not want to give the impression to customers that the more beer they drink, the more is donated.



The BeerMo campaign will be supported by promotion that includes:

  • PR - radio, newspaper and digital editorial
  • Social media - a month-long digital strategy across Facebook and Instagram, and the #beermo competition
  • Outdoor - street posters, street furniture and billboards
  • In venue - table talkers, posters, T-shirts for staff
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In addition to promoting to your customers your venue's support of Stomping Ground's BeerMo campaign for Movember via all your usual promotional channels, you can also help us spread the word by utilising the promotional items that you will receive. These include:

  • T-shirts
  • Tap decals (including a back decal for the staff)
  • Table Talkers
  • Coasters

Please encourage your team to use, wear and display the assets so we can get the word out! If you need anything else please get in touch with one of the team and we'll get it to you.



To help you promote the campaign, you can access a folder of digital assets for all your promotional and marketing needs. It contains:

  • Logos of Stomping Ground, BeerMo and the Movember Foundation
  • Images (more added throughout the campaign)
  • Marketing copy (approved by Movember)
  • Official Posters **(please print these - in any size up to A0 - and put them around your venue)**

Please note that due to Movember's (and the community's) sensitivity about alcohol and some men's health issues, we ask to approve ANY design materials you create. 



We're one of the first in Australia to use this new Facebook feature - bespoke AR Face Filters! We'd love you to get board and share your own #beermos. Just follow this link (on smart phones only) to open the Filter app, take your photo and share! Or you can use the same link to share on your own socials. Plus, we've created this simple poster in the Digital Assets folder (click button above) you have print out and stick up in your venues, to get people using the app!

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Special thanks to Plakkit and Ooh! Media for their incredible support in providing outdoor placements to further raise awareness for the campaign. We have had street posters all over Melbourne, and amazing high profile billboards such as the one above on the wall of the Emporium building in the Melbourne CBD.


We've also been hard at work making videos to help get the word out, and they're pretty fun! We wanted to show how everyone can get involved this Movember, so we got comedian Kelly Fastuca to ask people about Movember, moustaches, how to get a mate to talk if they're having a tough time and the importance of having a conversation (over a beer). Still more to videos come, but here are our first two - 'What Mo Do You Grow?' and 'Like A Man With A Mo?'.

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