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Hazy Sexy Cool Mixed Six

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We put a whole lotta TLC into this one! Hazy Sexy Cool is a trio of IPA’s unique and distinct in style, each just as bomb as the next. A mixed six so good, you’ll want to keep it on the downlow so you don’t have to share with no scrubs!

Pack includes:

  • Hazy IPA 6.4% - Chilling deep in a hazy hue, bright citrus and tropical fruit notes make this IPA hella juicy and super fresh
  • West Coast IPA 7.8% - A nod to the West Coast style, this golden OG bites back with a bitter edge of supafly grapefruit, resin and pine
  • Cold IPA 6.0%Cool, calm and collected new world hops lend notes of pithy mandarin and light tropical fruit balanced by dank NZ hops.